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How To Adopt Advancement In Pneumatic Valve Industry

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The automation industry is growing rapidly and is incorporating new technologies every day. More industrialists are using automation systems in their industries to get better output with greater efficiency.

With the introduction of automation components such as actuators, sensors, etc. new methods and technologies have been incorporated in the industries to adopt advancement.

Pneumatic valves have also evolved since the invention of the motorized compressor more than 2 centuries ago (1799).

Pneumatic valve is one of the most important automation components for any industrial system and new methods need to be incorporated to adopt their advancements.

Below we have mentioned two important aspects to adopt advancements in pneumatic valve industry:

1. ISO Standard

Standardization of automation components and other tools help to maintain consistent quality. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and make the products safe, reliable and of high-grade quality.

International standards also help industries to reduce the cost of manufacturing by synthesizing better mode of operation, smarter use of technology, minimization of waste and reduction of errors.

Using international standards, ISO, OEMs can decrease downtime issues and hence, can get better efficiency.

2. Fieldbus

Fieldbus is an industrial computer-network protocol used for real-time distributed control. The distributed control system is crucial for complex systems like an assembly line.

The distributed control system requires a multi-level hierarchy to operate and control. In this hierarchy, there is generally an HMI, Human Machine Interface where a user/admin can monitor or operate the process.

Then comes the middle layer, PLC which is connected to HMI via non-time critical communication system like ethernet. PLC is further connected to the third layer which is Fieldbus.

Fieldbus helps to connect multiple automation components like actuators, sensors, pneumatic valves, etc.

Before Fieldbus technology, only a few components could be attached to PLC and it resulted in using long tubes and a lot of cables.

With the introduction of Fieldbus, the number of cables required reduced which helped in faster communication between components and sharply reduced the cost.

But Why Do You Need To Adopt These Advancements?

Technologies and machines for industrial automation are evolving rapidly.  One great example of this is industrial systems. Instead of tedious labor work, industrialists can now use robotic equipment and machines to automate their production cycle. Automation has seen widespread rather very quickly in the last couple of decades. The direct result of this can be seen in the precise and accurate designs and build quality of the end product.

These evolved and better technologies need advancements so users can properly use these machines. Because using simple cables and tubes even with these advanced technologies is not going to yield better results.

The reason being, the power consumption will increase, cost of production will go up, etc. with poor technologies advanced machines can not be handled properly and this is the reason why you need to adopt advancements.


Evolution in machines and technologies is a necessity which can not be ignored and that is why new methods have to be adopted for these advancements.

In the above paragraphs, we explained two most important methods you need to adopt for advancements in pneumatic valve industry. If you feel like they can help you then do incorporate these methods for better efficiency.