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Complete Guide To Install Pneumatic Cylinders For Optimal Performance

DAS Services Inc.

Selecting the correct cylinder design, size and pressure according to your need is a smart way of buying a pneumatic cylinder.

But a smarter move is to pay attention to its installation especially, the mounting style of it. The proper mounting style can dramatically improve the performance and life of the cylinder.

In this article, we have discussed some of the mounting styles which affect the optimal performance of your Pneumatic Cylinder.

1. Centerline Mounts

The way of supporting a cylinder decides the amount of vibration it might face. The centerline mounting is the best way to support a pneumatic cylinder.

The fixed mounts like centerline lugs, tie-end rods, etc can absorb the vibration aiding the cylinder to perform better, these should be used whenever possible to increase the efficiency of the cylinder.

2. Pivot Point Mounts

Pivot mounts also absorb the force along the centerline and this is the reason it is the best mounting style after centerline mounts.

These should be used in applications where a dynamic machine member moves in a curved path. This style of mounting can be used on every tension and thrust applications, except for long stroke push application because the piston rod's column strength becomes the limiting factor.

For long stroke thrust application certain arrangements like oversizing of the piston etc, have to be done.

3. Side Mounts

The mountings which do not absorb the force along the centerline of the pneumatic cylinder comprises the side mounts.

These mounts attach at one side of the edge of the cylinder head and cap and as a result, the mounting plane is not through the centerline of the cylinder.

Because of this, a turning moment is generated by the long stroke of the cylinder's piston. If the cylinder is not properly secured to the machine then the force generated can side-load the gland and piston.


Selecting a perfect pneumatic system for your needs may be a tricky business and an important one at that.

It is advisable to not only pay attention to the specification of the cylinder but also keep in mind the mounting style you are using for it.

This article was about how you can install pneumatic cylinder in your system(s) to obtain optimal performance. If you have any doubts or a need for such automation components then you can contact DAS Services, Inc.