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Ultimate Buying Guide for Robotic Components

DAS Services Inc.

Automation in industries has developed rapidly. Industrialists are moving towards automation because they are proven to increase work efficiency and reduce any hazardous risk in the industry.

Robotic control components are in demand ever since the automation has taken birth in industries. Some important automation components include pneumatic valves, actuators, solenoid valves, etc.

Buying robotic control components is tricky and often confusing because of all the technicalities.

That is why we have made an ultimate buying guide for your robotic components. Read ahead to find out the points you should take into considerations while buying automation components.

1. Understanding Your Needs

The fundamental and first step is to understand your requirements. There might be a robotic component which performs a certain task but might not be useful in performing other tasks which is similar to the original task.

Due to this reason, you need to determine at least one to two steps which you might take to advance your automation process.

2. All-In-One

Because what's better than to find all your automation components need from one place?

Our suggestion is to find a manufacturer or a distributor who can provide all your robotic components requirement or to at least arrange them, as in the case if he doesn't have it in his store or display (online).

DAS services is one such place on which you can rely for any automation components needs.

3. Working Conditions

Before buying any component you need to determine the working condition, that is the ambient temperature and the operating pressure of your system.

The reason being, you might not want a serious malfunction of your system or a hazardous situation to arise in your industry.

You should get a component which has a higher rating of the working condition than the working condition it is going to be put use to.

4. Dimensional Check

Just like the working conditions, a dimensional check is also crucial. Because you might not want an automation component of a different dimension which makes it impossible to be used in any system.

To get the perfect component for your requirement, you must focus on the above 4 points. These cover the basics of the buying strategy you should use. Below we have mentioned two more points which are important to strategize your purchasing.

5. Getting a quote

You should request a quote before sealing the deal. By doing so you can get a brief idea about the budget you're going to spend on your robotic components and can take the necessary measures.

Opt for companies which easily provides quotes on request and is responsive just like DAS services.

6. OEMs Special

OEMs are in constant need of robotic control components as they need to produce a high-grade quality product and also to maintain standardization.

This is why some manufacturers like DAS services, inc. provides special discounts to OEMs.

If you're an OEM then you should ask for discounts and should opt for manufacturers who provide it.


As already mentioned, automation is a thriving advancement which is taking over the tedious labor work and providing better work efficiency.

And robotic control components are in dire demand by OEMs and other industries who are moving towards or already have automated systems.

Above was the ultimate buying guide of automation components which you need to read before acquiring automation components.