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Reasons Why You Should Start Using Industrial Automation

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Industrial automation is the use of computers, robots, and machines in industries or manufacturing units to monitor and control processes which are otherwise hazardous to workers.

This is a growing practice which every industrialist is accepting and adapting in their industries.

But what is the need for industrial automation while workers are available?

To answer this question, we have curated top 5 reasons why you should start using industrial automation:

1. Reduce Worker Fatigue

Generally, humans detest performing repetitive tasks and enjoy doing variable tasks. While automated machines are built to perform repetitive tasks. This enables you to use automated tools/machines to perform such activities.

But it's not only about what workers may enjoy, but it also affects their health too. One of the most common issues faced by the workers is "Musculoskeletal disorders" which is caused due to the repetitive tasks they perform in the industry.

By using automated machines, workers can be assigned to high-skilled work and can leave the basic work on machines.

2. Efficiency

Using automated robots, the time taken to do certain work can be reduced compared to workers. Also, humans make mistakes while robots do not

Automation components like actuators and sensors are the reason why automation machines are able to perform a task with efficiency and precision. Even tiny mistakes can be synthesized because of these robotic automation components. 

These two things are the reasons why robotic components are more efficient and can increase the output of your industry.

3. Accuracy And Precision

It is in the nature of humans to make mistakes and workers in the industries are no exception.

But in the case of robots, it is exactly opposite. With robotic components like actuators, sensors, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic control valves, etc they work efficiently throughout their run-time with high accuracy and precision.

This can help you to get the perfect end-product you desire which will reduce wastage of raw materials, time and money.

4. Safety

Robots can work under conditions which can be hazardous to humans and can also do tasks on the assembly line which can put workers' lives at risk.

This creates a safe environment in your industry and enables workers to do their work without worrying about any kind of hazardous risk.

For example, lifting of heavy loads can be hazardous if the attempt is made to lift it manually. But with the help of automation components and machines it can be done efficiently and without any risk of life. 

For example, driverless automated forklifts make this possible.

5. Devise Right Improvements

Automating helps to gather timely and accurate data which is not possible without automation. This data is securely sent and stored in the network which can be viewed by the admin.

This shows the admin/operations head where things are going wrong. This helps them to devise a method and modify the on-going process to keep the efficiency of work at par.


In an era where demand is ever-growing and perfect products are required, industrial automation is crucial.

Most of the industries have accepted and adapted automation, and others are in the process of doing the same. As, automation helps them to monitor their process, save time & money, gives them a better end-product and provides a safer work environment.

If you're confused where to buy automation components from then we suggest you get quotes of products you require by submitting a request for quotes with DAS services or you can also get in touch with the customer care support.