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Know Your Pneumatics: Basics of Pneumatic Manifolds

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Pneumatic manifolds are there to provide a convenient junction point meant to simplify the distribution of fluids and gases as well as providing pneumatic power to two or more locations to supply multiple tools.

In any industrial systems, valves are one of the most important components especially if that whole system is fluid-based. The valves differ depending on use. The most common valves used in industry, however, are the pneumatic check valves, the high-pressure needle valves, the ball valves, and the toggle valves.

There are unique cases that will require two valves to be installed within a single location in an industrial system. Installing the valves as they are is considered highly inefficient as it takes in most cases, double the space. To make the system as efficient as possible, a valve manifold is configured instead.

Pneumatic Manifold Definition

A Manifold is a system that is used to connect two or more valves within a hydraulic system. It enables us to connect a variety of both block and isolate valves into a single bodied configuration with each of the valves having a separate opening below in order to connect a pipe. In a manifold, there will be a central chamber, often referred to as the main body that will be common to all the valves in the system.

Pneumatic Manifolds often include the ball, bleed, need, and vent valves. They are meant to save both space and money in installation costs.

Advantages of Pneumatic Manifolds

Some advantages of using Pneumatic Manifolds include;

  1. Shorter Path Flows Installation of Pneumatic Manifolds indirectly result in shorter path flows of gas, which in turn reduces things like pressure drop and heat fluctuations. This, in turn, helps improve and increase the energy efficiency of a gaseous system.
  2. Reduced Installation Costs One of the reasons for installing manifolds is to save space. When you install a gas system using manifolds, you will end up saving a lot of space, which helps you save money in the long run as you would not have to require a lot of space for your machinery and equipment.
  3. Improve Layout A Manifold system will require fewer hoses resulting in an overall improved layout. This layout will prove useful when it comes to maintenance since your team will not have to take down many pieces just to maintain or repair a single pipe.
  4. Reduced Leak Probability One other important advantage of using Pneumatic manifolds is that they help reduce the probability of leaks. This is so because manifolds reduce the number of connections in a system, which means fewer joints. Therefore, you won’t be dealing with many loose joints as compared to when working with a system that has many joints.


Pneumatic Manifolds are an important aspect of any industrial system and they help improve efficiency as well as save you money in the long run. If you are looking for a partner to help you with Pneumatic Manifold installation, then get in touch with us.