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A Guide To Help Choosing The Correct Solenoid Operated Valve

DAS Services Inc.

Solenoid Operated Valves are solenoid based devices electromechanically operated to change the state of a valve from open to close in order to control the flow of liquid or gas. These valves are used for a wide range of industrial applications such as process control systems, general on-off control, calibration, pilot plant control loops, in factories/plants where compressed air is not available, in domestic washing machines and dishwasher, for medical purposes, used in fluid power pneumatic and hydraulic systems and various original equipment manufacturer applications.

Here is a list of things which you should consider while choosing the correct solenoid operated valve:

Required Number of Ports: Solenoid valves comes in many ports such as two ports, three ports and four ports. However, a normal solenoid valve consist of two ports: an inlet port and an outlet port. This can be controlled with an on-off switch. Whereas, valve with one inlet port and two outlet ports are called three-way valves.

Required Flow Rate: Keep checking required flow rate on regular basis in order to correctly choose a solenoid valve i.e. to know how much flow is really needed. For, if the valve is too large for its use you will be wasting liquid/air and money, and if it’s too small then the actuator won’t properly function.

Required Voltage: To choose a right kind of solenoid operated valve it is mandatory that you know the amount of voltage or wattage needed for the application. It is important to choose a valve design that fits with the available power supply. Inadequate voltage can prevent the valve from opening properly, which will adversely affect the valves flow rate.

Media: Select solenoid operated valve for air, diesel, oil, steam, water, or other fluid accordingly.

Solenoid Valve Installation: Make sure you know installing the valve correctly, for an instance: there are two major types of valve installation; stand-alone and manifold-mounted.

Operating Pressure: While purchasing the solenoid valve you will be presented with the operating pressure manual by the valve’s manufacturer, don’t miss to review it. Operating pressure greatly affect the flow rate of the valve, if you know the correct operating pressure you would be able to choose a valve that will perform adequately.

Port Size: Make sure that you review the port sizes adequately in the base or manifold so that the correct valve fittings are bought. It depends on the application whether a single base or multiple-station manifold valves are installed to allow air into the circuit.

Special purpose: Adequate valves should be purchased for special purposes such as for the underwater fountain, for corrosion, for high temperature, for hazardous locations, for outdoor, and explosive atmospheres etc.