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5 Questions To Ask Before Buying Vacuum Generators

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Vacuum Generators

There are various selection of vacuum generators available, from single stage generators to multi stage generators, with or without vacuum sensors, with inline or manifold options. The work of the vacuum generator is to ensure that your application is at the proper vacuum level for optimal performance. These vacuum generators offer quick blow-off along with air economizing, allowing for quick release of product and energy savings.

Know which all 5 Questions to Ask before Buying Vacuum Generators

1. Which types of parts the vacuum generator can lift?

For an instance, if the part to be lifted is porous such as cardboard than you will need low vacuum generator which is able to produce low vacuum. Whereas, if the part to be lifted is non-porous in nature for example plastic sheet, than higher vacuum flow will be required, as it is capable of maintaining a good vacuum level, which allows air to flow through itself. High vacuum generators are best suited for non-porous materials as they are capable of producing more powerful vacuum for the application.

2. Style of Vacuum Generator?

There are three styles of vacuum generator to select from depending upon the parts to be lifted, these are: In-Line Low Vacuum, In-Line High Vacuum, or Adjustable.
Things to remember, porous requires low vacuum generator, has max vacuum 21″ Hg (71 kPa). Whereas, Non-Porous needs high vacuum generator, has max vacuum 27″ Hg (91 kPa) and the third is Adjustable which has max vacuum of 25″ Hg (85 kPa)

3. What is the weight that each vacuum cup can lift based on maximum vacuum available?

All you need to do is to multiply the weight by a vacuum cup safety factor - 2 for a horizontal vacuum cup position, and 4 for a sideways vacuum cup position.

4. How to know the number of cups needed?

Well, for that you need to know exactly how many cups are needed to evenly distribute the weight for stable lifting and placement. Also, know the weight that each vacuum cup can lift based on maximum vacuum available and select the appropriate vacuum cup from the different styles available.

5 How to choose the model?

Based on the number of vacuum cups per style, length and size of the vacuum tubing and the size and type of vacuum cup, you can choose the model.