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Latest Tools in the Automation Industry

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We live in an era of increased demand for automation. Automation tools help make a lot of processes in many sectors of a country’s economy more effective and efficient. Therefore, it is important to be abreast of the best and latest automation tools that are currently used to address challenges in many sectors including manufacturing and those that will be used to address challenges in the coming years.

Automation tools play a major role in facilitating transactions and manufacturing processes.

The following are some of the latest tools in the automation industry:

1. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
2. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) – Multiple Input and Output Arrangement
3. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) – Responsible in processing information
4. Distributed Control System (DCS) – Monitoring networks
5. Human Machine Interface (HMI) – Control Industrial automation equipment
6. Robotics

1. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition: This is a tool or application that gets operating data about a system to control and optimize a system.
2. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): This is a programmable logic controller. With Programmable Logic Controller, you can easily switch from one process to the other. It is designed for multiple inputs and output arrangements and it can withstand extreme temperatures and resistance to vibration.

3. Artificial Neural Network: It processes information coming from biological networks. Its structures can be changed based on both external and internal data that gets into the learning phase of the system. The tools can be applied to financial applications and data mining.

4. Distributed Control System: This is a vital tool in manufacturing. It is an automation tool used in water management systems, environmental control systems, chemical plants, oil refining, pharmaceutical manufacturing, bulk oil carrier ships, sensor networks, and traffic signals.  

5. Human Machine Interface: It includes electronics that are used to signal and control the state of industrial automation equipment

6. Robotics: Robotics make our lives easier by helping to make complex or impossible tasks easy and possible. They are used and can be found everywhere around us. They are used for performing tasks such as coupling, welding, painting, allocating, and repairing.