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Are Pneumatic Lubricators A Necessity?

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The pneumatic lubricator provides lubrication to the interior moving accessories of the pneumatic tools. A lubricator is otherwise called as FRL, which is a component used in the air preparation combination. FRL is nothing but the Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator. 

These three components have three different functions in lubrication. We will discuss the three components in the following points.

  • Filter – It is responsible for removing contaminants from moving to other pneumatic system components. 
  • Regulator – This component sets the needed pressure for the pneumatic system
  • Lubricator – This draws the clear and rightly set pressurized air and injects oil lubrication particles into the air stream.

Two Types of Lubricators 

Mist and Micro-mist lubricators are the two main types of lubricators. 

  • Mist Lubricator – It takes the large oil droplets and sends that to the air stream directly. 
  • Micro-Mist Lubricator – It injects small oil particles into the air stream. 

Why Pneumatic Lubricator?

The pneumatic lubricator is used to seal the gaps between the metal components of the pneumatic system. This keeps the components of the pneumatic system to run in a fair condition. The only point is that you need to make sure to use the right pneumatic lubricator that is compatible with your pneumatic system and its components. Most times, the lubricators did not get the focus they needed. If a system experience short of oil, then the residual oil in the system dries out quickly. This may cause the valves to stuck or spool. 

How Pneumatic Lubricators Are Used?

The pneumatic lubricators are used in the compressed air line. The pneumatic lubricator is inserted in the machine itself in the stamping lubrication system. The pneumatic lubricator can work over a range of pressures. The modular pneumatic lubricators are designed to be inserted into existing pneumatic systems. The pneumatic lubricators will vary according to the bowl capacity, working pressure, and operating temperature. 

When Are Pneumatic Lubricators Necessary?

You can address a few pneumatic components that demand internal oil lubrication. If you use a pneumatic tool, then you would understand the importance of pneumatic lubricator. The pneumatic lubricators are light oil and it should be added to the pneumatic tools. In addition to pneumatic tools, some air clutches and air motors demand pneumatic lubricators. If you are using the pneumatic products that demand internal lubrication, then pneumatic lubricator is a good choice. 

If you are using the machine that uses compressed air, then you do not need to use the pneumatic lubricators. The pneumatic lubricators provide a constant supply of oil to seal the valves and cylinders. Different types of pneumatic lubricators are there to choose from. You should ensure to choose the best pneumatic lubricator. 

Features of Pneumatic Lubricators

  • Dirt stoppers
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Warning lights

Applications of Pneumatic Lubricators

The pneumatic lubricators can be used in,

  • Printing applications
  • Medical industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Electronics industry

The pneumatic lubricators have so many applications in different industries and still, it is necessary for the tools that require internal lubrication.