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How To Improve Vacuum Efficiency For Packaging Applications

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It is needless to mention that vacuum plays an important role in the packaging industries, especially in the food packaging industries. You all know that packaging is effectively coated, formed and thermoformed using vacuum techniques. The food packaging industries use vacuum pumps during packing is to help the foods to retain their quality and freshness. As you all know that inefficiencies lead to poor packaging and bring damages to your products. 

Different food products and other things demand different vacuum packing techniques. No matter, what kind of a technique you are going to use for packing, but the effectiveness of the packing technique should be convincing. Many food industries would like to use the MAP technique. That is, Modified Atmosphere Packaging to maintain the flavor, appearance, and freshness of the fresh food products.

Which is the Ideal Vacuum Pump for Packaging? 

R 5 series vacuum pumps are the best fit for packaging. These pumps use the rotary vane principle. The packaging would be excellent and par quality if this pump is used. 

Importance of Maintaining Efficiency in Packaging

Health and safety of the customers are the biggest priority of the food product manufacturers. In such cases, it is obvious to improve the efficiency of vacuum during packaging. The following points will let you know how to improve the vacuum efficiency in packaging. 

  • Use Genuine Pumps 

If you tend to use the oil-lubricated vacuum pump, then the oil may be discharged from the exhaust. If this happens, your packaging would not be that effective. If you do not want to experience this risk, then you should consider using genuine parts. The genuine parts will make sure about the low-risk operation.

  • Regularly Check the Downstream Oil Filters 

You have to use the downstream oil filters in your vacuum pumps. The reason is that the downstream oil filters will prevent accidental food contamination. At the same time, if you use the blocked filters, it may carry over the oil into the process at times. You should consider using the food grade oil in your oil-lubricated vacuum pumps than using other low-quality oils. 

  • Regular and Timely Maintenance Matters

If you are using oil-lubricated vacuum pumps, then you need to schedule a regular maintenance routine. At times, poor maintenance leads to oil contamination. As you all know that oil contamination will result in poor air quality. If you are not sure about the maintenance intervals, then read your user manuals. 

  • Choose Oil-Free Pump 

You can address the oil-free vacuum pump, which you can choose to reduce the risks of oil running into your process. The oil-free pump is solely designed to meet the needs of the food product manufacturers. The oil-free vacuum pump does not demand any maintenance as like oil-lubricated models. Therefore, you can save a great deal of money, which you spend on maintenance. 

You need to keep your vacuum pump in a fair condition for fair results. Improving vacuum efficiency would not be a big deal if you make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips.