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Importance of Quick Exhaust Valves and Their Various Applications in Automation

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The automation industry requires various valves and pipe fittings. From pneumatic check valves to flow control controllers, the applications require different components to work. QEVs or Quick exhaust valves are intended to build a cylinder’s cycle speed in a pneumatic system.

Introducing a pneumatic QEV, either at the blind end of the rod end of a cylinder, will cause rapid retraction or rapid extension. This relies upon your necessities.

Importance of Quick Exhaust Valves:

Quick exhaust valves are utilized in different applications and their whole design allows them the desirable similarity in a pneumatic system.

They are quite important factory automation components because:

  • They have a few porting alternatives accessible. 

  • They have the capacity to allow quick cylinder return  

  • They provide direct cylinder mounting option through male pipe thread 

  • They are plated and anodized to avoid the erosion

  • Quick exhaust valves allow basic arrangement conceivable through swivel chamber port.


    Quick exhaust is very useful automation equipment as it has various applications Such as:

    • Dual Pressure Actuation:

    Quick exhaust valves and a three-way control valve are used for dual pressure actuation. These valves permit quick augmentation of the cylinder under the conditions of high pressure. At lower temperatures, retraction can be accomplished to spare air and increment the life of the cylinder.

    • Rapid Retraction:

    Quick exhaust valves, by and large, have a more prominent exhaust limit contrasted with four-way control valves. An expansion in barrel speed would thus be  able to be accomplished by utilizing a little, less expensive control valve. So, in a double-acting cylinder requiring quick retraction, air can easily be exhausted through a QEV which is coupled near the top end of the barrel.

    • Bi-Directional Control:

    Quick exhaust valves are also used for Bi-directional control. Most extreme control is accomplished through this circuit utilizing just a few numbers of valves. A QEV is Control responsible for the quick retraction of one cylinder while disposing of the need of a four-way valve. Then again, the second cylinder retraction and extension of both the cylinders are constrained by utilizing speed control valves.

    With very little hope for turning around a long-standing labor deficiency, factory automation equipment such as Quick Exhaust Valves and other technologies are the real way forward for the development & construction business with regards to upgrading efficiency and boosting benefits. The appropriation and joining of automation and across the board utilization of construction might be the best open doors for the development business to flourish in the coming decade. However, you need to make sure that you are getting all your automation tools from a trusted company.

    Preferring only the certified professional for the need of your automation tools is very important in order to get the best quality and durable tools. Choosing a certified professional can save both your time as well as money.