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What is the Difference Between Automation and Robotics?

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Automation and robotics looks exactly similar to each other but they are not exactly similar. Most of the people are confused between automation and robotics. Automation and robotics have a huge difference between them but they both are automatic this is the reason why people are confused between them. What exactly that huge difference that make them completely different from each other? Many people describe their difference in a complex way and most of the people are not able to understand it but here the difference is described in the easiest way.

Here is the difference between Automation and Robotics which will clear your doubts between them:


Automation is a whole field in which systems, computers, robots and some machinery are included which do their work automatically. Automation does not require a human to do the work, whether it replaces the humans by robots or machines to get the work from them. As described by the name automation all the robots and machines in it do their work automatically. In easiest words automation is the use of automatic equipment in the field of manufacturing or other production processes. Due to automation many people are getting their work done fast and more accurate.


Robotics is the category of the automation. Robot is a programmable machine which can do the task which is programmed in it and it is fully automatic. Robotics is the most popular category of the automation because today, the industries and factories owners are replacing people by robots because you do not have to pay them and their accuracy is high. You can program robots or the robotic equipments for different types of works or jobs and you can get more and more work from the robots because they do not eat and sleep. Robots are more powerful than human beings and a single robot can do the work of more than one person in short period of time. In simple words robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the construction, design, operation and application of robots. There is a very bright future of robots because day by day we can see smarter robots.

This is the difference between automation and robotics which makes them completely different from each other. 

Automation field is becoming more and more popular and important for everyone because of robotics and today, the robotic equipments and robots are getting smarter and smarter in their field because of AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

Artificial Intelligence helps the robots to think like human beings due to which robots can solve a problem. Artificial Intelligence is very helpful for industrial robots because they will not depend on a specific programming anymore they will be able to think, make the decisions and solve the problems just like humans but they will be more fast and powerful than human beings. With the time robotics are progressing in the field of automation.