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Why Nippers are so Useful in Machinery having Cutting Automation?

DAS Services Inc.

Nippers are generally used for removing and cutting hard materials like tile, electric wires and the likes. The stationary type have been used in automation cutting industries. It is a fact that all cutting automation technologies have specific advantages and in order to get the maximum benefits from these advantages, the procedure towards achieving it must be mastered from the bottom up. In order words, the automation solution must be excellently coordinated both with the technology and the machine. 

One of the most vital area where automation or robotic technology is used is in manufacturing or production. And there are three types of automation, these are: fixed automation, programmable automation and flexible automation. Fixed automation, which is also known as hard automation, is an automated production facility that its sequence of processing operations is fixed by equipment configuration, through some commands already in the machine. The programmable automation has to do with the production of products in batches, ranging from several dozen to several thousands of units all at a time. 

And flexible automation also produce products in batches but it has to be reprogrammed for it to produce a new batch unlike the programmable automation. This in a way lost time. 

In industries that are using machines with cutting automation equipment, stationary nippers are very useful in their functionality. Some of the stationary nippers are also used in cutting stations and automated equipment when space is a limiting factor, in other words, when there is no enough space. 

One of the major industries’ that employ the use stationary nippers in their factory automation systems is the plastic industry. Separation of sprues, electroplating, overflows or ridges are one of the first steps after the plastic part is extracted from the injection moulding machine.  

And in particular in the automotive plastic injection moulding, there is need to have high quality standards when it comes to separating the sprues, and these standards could only be met with the use of stationary nippers also called sprue-nippers. 

There are different ranges of nipper bodies and nipper blades in accordance to the tasks at hand. The nipper blades are available various geometries: straight blade straight, angular positions of 15° to 40°, 90°, Z-shaped nipper blades and so on. 

Generally, when it comes to cutting with industrial automation devices, the achievable actual cutting force is always determined by the blades of the nipper used and the air pressure.