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Why Solenoid Valve is so Important for Fluid Automation?

DAS Services Inc.

Solenoid valves are electromechanical devices used for the purpose of controlling the flow of liquids or gases. And because of this, it makes the automation of fluid and gas control possible. Most solenoid available at the moment offer fast operation, highly reliable, of compact design and with long service life. These make them highly effective in most automation equipment like the ones used in fluid automation. Some of the equipment that make use solenoid valve in their design include: washing machine, hydraulic pump, gas boilers, air hammers and so on. 

Those that are novice when it comes to factory automation systems always wonder how fluid and gas can be held and directed through equipment without having any leaks. This is possible through the power of solenoid technology. And one of the most important parts of this equipment that make use of fluid and gas is the solenoid valve. 

It allows the operator to automatically turn the flow of the fluid or gas on and off without the fear of leaking. And due to the fact that solenoid valve is important to the automation of fluid and gas control, it is very important that the right one is used for the appropriate function. 

More so, due to the fact that solenoid valves are so important to the automation of fluid and gas control, it is vital that the right solenoid valve is used for certain function. And they can be customized in order to suit the specific needs. 

Apart from the automation of fluid and gas control or flow, solenoid valve can also be used in the control of air, electricity, oil and steam. And this tells its high usage in industrial automation devices. 

There are various solenoid valves ranging from two-way to four-way solenoid valves but the most commonly used one is the two-way solenoid valve. And basically, a two-way valve has only two ports and no matter the design, all solenoid valves are specified to be either direct acting valves (in which a coil magnetically open the valve and lift the shaft and its seat without depending on outside pressure) or pilot-operated valves (in which the plunger opens up the opening of the pilot and the built-up pressure causes the valve to open and close)

As stated earlier, the two-way solenoid valve has two ports and each port is alternatively used to allow the flow as well as to close it off.  Also, a two-way solenoid valve can either be “normally opened" or “normally closed” in its operation. 

The normally opened is such that the valve remains open until some type of current is applied to close it. And as soon as the electric power is stopped, the valve automatically reopens to its normal state. But for the normally closed solenoid valve, it remains closed until electric power is applied that opens is up. 

Due to such importance and technical characteristics of Solenoid Valve, It remain Important for Fluid Automation.