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Convum Vacuum Cups

DAS Services Inc.
You have most probably seen them used at home, in the workplace and maybe even on the insides of car windshields - suction cups. These amazing yet simple devices offer us a way to hang objects off sheer surfaces without using any form of mechanical support such as a nail or chemical support like glue. Instead, suction cups make use of one of the most plentiful resources on the planet - air. Through the simple application of differences in air pressure, you can hang that apron off the tiles on your kitchen wall or that GPS device off the inside of your car's windshield. Convum suctions cups and vacuum pads offer a whole host of uses, from the mundane and everyday to the mechanized and industrial.

Like all other suction cups, Convum suction cups make use of the exceedingly simple physical phenomenon of vacuum in order to function. A vacuum is formed when there is a difference in air pressure such that the pressure in one area is lower than another, and there is nothing to stop air from flowing between the two areas. The air will automatically move from the area of higher pressure to the area of lower pressure, and the pulling force generated in the lower pressure area is known as a vacuum.

Regular suction cups make use of mechanical force to function, as happens when you press a suction cup to the wall, flattening the rubber portion and driving all the air out, thus forming the vacuum. With the discovery of pneumatic technology, however, Convum vacuum pads were made possible, which actively utilize flows of air to generate a constant vacuum.

Among the most popular uses for these pneumatic suction devices is in industrial applications. The underlying concept of industrialization involves using machines to automate tasks so as to increase efficiency and productivity of factories and industries. In the manufacture of large and heavy objects such as cars or washing machines, having machines assemble the final products is feasible because the individual parts are constructed mostly of metal and can easily withstand being picked up by metal mechanical grippers.

With other smaller and more fragile products, however, handling by such clumsy machines is simply impossible. It would be impossible or prohibitively expensive to build a machine gripper capable of handling glass or various paper products without damaging them. Instead, industrialists came upon the solution of using the most gentle of substances to handle such items - air. Pneumatic suction can be powerful enough to lift the heaviest of objects, or gentle enough to lift a single piece of tissue paper without putting the slightest crease in it.

Industrialists looking for a high degree of reliability and dependability from their factories and mechanical processes know that the best option lies with Convum suction cups and Convum vacuum pads. By using these Convum products, they easily increase the efficiency of their operations and reduce breakdowns and wear and tear, thereby raising profits and their bottom lines.

Convum suctions cups and Convum vacuum pads are a leading choice when it comes to pneumatic suction devices, and there is no better place to get your Convum products than DAS Services Inc.