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Pisco Air Dryers are modular and have a unique membrane. Pisco Air Dryers do not require electricity to operate which in turn will keep overall costs low.

The two main options from Pisco are the Fiber Dry series which are Membrane type dryers providing 4 different flow rates of 1.41 SCFM, 3.52 SCFM, 10.6 SCFM and 17.6 SCFM. This hollow fiber film type air drier does not require electric power. Simply connect the piping like a filter, then the Fiber Dry will perform better than a freeze-drier to provide dried air.
The second option from Pisco are their Dryer Units providing a Combination of 1/4" & 3/8" pipe thread Filter, Mist Filter, Micromist Filter, Fiber Dry and/or Regulator. Both Model Code 301 and 500 offer a wide range of filters, micro mist filters and regulators to choose from.

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