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All brass type

This quick-fitting joint is highly resistant to spatters and higher temperatures.


Type test

Fluid Admitted
Air, Water (Conditional)
For water: Surge pressure must be lower than max service pressure and use of insert ring
Service Pressure Range at 20ºC
0~150 psi (0~1MPa)
Service Temperature Range
32~248ºF (0~120ºC)
Service Temperature Range: Seal Rubber Material
HNBR: 32~212ºF (0~100ºC); FKM: 32~248ºF (0~120ºC); NBR: 32~140ºF (0~60ºC)
Working Vacuum
-29.5in.Hg (-100kPa)

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  • Branch Tee

    Tired of searching for high quality quick fittings that last for years? Your hunting is finally over, thanks to Pisco Quick-Fittings! These premium quick-fittings are available in a wide variety. The premium fittings that we offer includes the standard type, economy type, mini-type, stainless SUS304 type, stainless SUS316 type, SUS303 Alike Type ,PPS (chemical) type, PP type ,Anti spatter type , All brass type, Flow shut type / Stop fittings, Anti static type and Color Cap type. Grab all your desired quick fitting needs all in one place!

    We have many different branch tee fittings that will certainly suit your needs as well. Fee free to browse through those available on this page such as our Pisco KB10-02, Pisco KB10-03, Pisco KB10-04, Pisco KB12-02, Pisco KB12-03, Pisco KB12-04, Pisco KB6-01, Pisco KB6-02, Pisco KB6-03, Pisco KB8-01, Pisco KB8-02, and Pisco KB8-03.

    All our quick-fitting joints are highly resistant to spatters and high temperatures. It's a outstanding fitting for all your personal and industrial needs as this branch tee is highly durable and will still maintain it's resistance under extreme temperatures. You'll never have to worry about replacing the KB10-02 quick-fitting joint after an operation.

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