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2 Stage Speed Controller with Built-in Shock Absorber Function
2-Stage Speed Controller

Pisco now offers the industry's first 2-Stage Speed Control. This is actually a Flow Control with the function of a Shock Absorber. There is no physical shock absorber built in, but rather, the design allows the input air to be utilized as a shock absorber would function.

2-Stage Speed Controller Image 1

2-Stage Speed Controller Image 2


● Shock absorber is not required. With realized 2-stage exhaust flow adjustment, a similar control as a shock absorber becomes possible.

● Adjustment of shock absorbing property is possible by the adjustment of 2nd speed (EX2 (CUSHION)) flow rate. 2-stage speeds can be controlled by individual needles. e.g. Reducing the shock to 1/9 (reducing speed to 1/3) while keeping the same cycle time.

● It is possible to shorten travelling (cycle) time as long as conventionalshock absorbing (cushion) property is same. Conventional shock absorbing property means shock absorbing by reducing the cylinder speed by a cylinder mounting type shock-absorber near the stroke end. e.g. Actuate 80% of cylinder stroke at the speed of twice as fast as the regular speed of a conventional standard speed controller, then actuate the last 20% of the stroke at the regular speed.

● Speed shift timing is adjustable. The speed shifting (brake) timing from EX1 to EX2 can be set at the position where the shock absorber does not work. Intermediate stop of cylinder is possible.

For more details, please download the PDF file.


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