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Multi-Station Solenoid Manifolds

4-Station Solenoid Manifolds Pneumadyne's 4-Station Manifolds are designed for use with our 10 mm, 15 mm, System 6 and System 8 solenoid valves. Precision machined from aluminum, these manifolds feature 10-32 (F), M5 (F), 1/8 NPT (F) and 1/4 NPT (F) threads for installation and plumbing convenience. All manifolds are anodized for corrosion and wear resistance. Cover plates are available to conceal unused stations and block the valve supply port. Features:
Anodized for corrosion & wear resistance
Precision machined aluminum
Variety of port sizes
Compact size
For use with Pneumadyne solenoid valves

Pneumadyne MSV10-4

4-Station Solenoid Manifolds. . Pneumadyne's 4-Station Manifolds are designe...

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