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Successor of CVK series

High vacuum flow type - suitable for porous workpiece handling

Blow-off solenoid valve and check valve option available

Can be mounted on manifold - Up to 5 units


Body type: Manifold

Nozzle size: 1.5

Maximum vacuum pressure: -87kPa

Supply pressure: 0.35MPa

Pressure sensor: Sensor type - MVS-201; Pressure - Compound; Display - Digital; Switch output - PNP1 point; Analog output - Without; Input specification - Sink

Body type: With blow-off solenoid valve; With check valve; With filter

Solenoid valve voltage: DC24V

Solenoid valve air passage: Normally closed (N.C)

Solenoid valve connection: Connector type

Port size: Rc (BSPT) 1/4

Ex Tax: $493.20
  • Stock: 2-3 Days
  • Manufacturer: Convum
  • Model: MC72M15HR21PC4BLR
  • SKU: MC72M15HR21PC4BLR
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