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  • Part #: S15MML-20-24-2B

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    • $55.35


2-Way Normally Closed Latching Solenoid Valves Pneumadyne's 2-Way Latching Valves are ideal for applications where power is limited or coil heating is unwanted; continuous power is not required to maintain the energized position. An internal magnet holds the valve in the energized position when the power supply is removed, saving power consumption. These 15 mm valves need only 10 miliseconds to energize and 12 miliseconds to de-energize. Features:
12 & 24 V DC
3-Wire system
Relay not required to reverse polarity
Fast response time
Miniature size

Pneumadyne S15MML-20-24-2B

2-Way Normally Closed Latching Solenoid Valves. . Pneumadyne's 2-Way Latchin...

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