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Convum Vacuum Cups

Convum Vacuum Cups
Convum has been an industry leader in Vacuum Cup innovations with extremely durable products. Our wide variety of products have been manufactured for over 30 years, and are also customizable to better suit your specific needs.

With more than 30 individual cup models on the market to choose from, there's no doubt that we'll have a solution for you. From picking up work pieces like CDs and DVDS to gripping uneven work pieces with surfaces such as block tiles or even those with a cylindrical shape, we have you covered!

Besides a wide range of Convum vacuum cups in different sizes, shapes, and materials, Convum is also an established leader in the stem and fitting design sector. Whether you need a simple spring fitting or a spring fitting that is non-rotating, we have the resources to get the job done right.

At DAS Services Inc., you can certainly get all your tasks done efficiently as we go about finding the perfect solutions for you. We've been selling Convum Vacuum Cups worldwide for over 20 years now; therefore, our expertise will surely save you both time and money. Contact us via chat, email, or phone to get started today!