The one-piece bellows vacuum pad is made with a soft lip and a firm multi-bellows body. This allows a stable grip, lifting and height compensation. They are ideal for handling vinyl packaging bags and pouches.

Features at a glance:

  • Two selections for pad hardness & folded bellows and three selections for pad size.

  • 2 types of vacuum pad lip hardness - blue lip is 44° shore and pink lip is 24° shore

  • Two selections for oversuction preventing adapter, according to the packaging material

  • Three features for speedy and precise movement of conveyance robot:
    • 5 folded bellows absorb shock when in contact with a work-piece and follows the inclined surface (3-folded and 5-folded bellows can be selected according to a work-piece angle and conveyance speed)
    • Lip follows surface of a work-piece (two selections for lip hardness according to work-pieces)
    • Folded bellows contract and help the posture stability of work-piece in conveyance

  • Space-saving

  • Material: Silicone