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12-Volt DC Solenoid Valves 3-Way, Normally Closed

Spade Connector (12V DC 3-Way Solenoid, Normally Closed) Several styles of 12-Volt Solenoid Valves are available from Pneumadyne to accommodate your application and flow requirements. Our 15 mm valves (part numbers begin with S15MM) feature two orifice sizes to provide flow rates of 3.60 scfm at 105 psi and 3.10 scfm at 150 psi. These miniature valves also feature fast response times making them ideal for a variety of applications. The System 6 valve, part number S6-30-12-0, provides a flow rate of 2.78 scfm at 125 psi. The independent coil orientation allows System 6 valves to be fixed in either direction on a manifold; coil orientation is independent of valve orientation. Pneumadyne's System 8 valve, part number S8-30-12-0, features a larger orifice for a flow rate of 6.2 scfm at 125 psi. Independent coil orientation also allows this valve to be mounted in either direction on a manifold. Features:
Manual override standard
LED on 15 mm valves is standard
Multiple mounting options
Direct acting solenoid valves
Fast response times

Pneumadyne S15MM-30-12-0D

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