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  • Part #: S15MM-21-12-0C

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12-Volt DC Solenoid Valves 2-Way, Normally Open

Spade Connector (12V DC 2-Way Solenoid, Normally Open) Pneumadyne's 2-way normally open Solenoid Valves are a cost effective, space saving solution for the use of single or multiple valves. These 15 mm valves are lightweight, feature a fast response time and offer a high flow rate; ideal for a wide variety of applications. Two orifice sizes are offered to accommodate flow requirements. Features:
Miniature size (1.65" OAL)
Direct acting solenoid valves
LED is standard
Manual override is standard
Lightweight (1.3 oz)
Mounting versatility

Pneumadyne S15MM-21-12-0C

Spade Connector (12V DC 2-Way Solenoid, Normally Open). . Pneumadyne's 2-way...

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