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    Pisco Pressure and Vacuum Sensors / Switches
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    Pisco Pressure and Vacuum Sensors / Switches include the following types:

    -Large digital pressure switch/sensor 31-Series with seven pressure variations

    -Solid state small pressure/vacuum sensors 11-series with option of union, Plug-in or Screw-in type body and remote controller with LED display.

    -Solid state Large LED display pressure/vacuum sensors with 8 types of sensor output modes, NPN output and selectable pressure units

    -Solid state LED vacuum sensors with upto two setting point switch and NPN/PNP output

    -Mechanical vacum switch VUSM with mechanical diaphragm/ electric micro-switch and selectable circuit

    - 8mm width LED Digital Pressure Sensor: thin pressure sensor, lightweight, LED display, push switch and three mounting options

    -Flow Sensor with built-in needle valve for flow adjustments, easy plumbing and minimized installation space.