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    Crouzet Pneumatic logic components
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    Crouzet, the automation control components manufacturer, offers a wide range of pneumatic products for simple automation systems using compressed air, without a source of electricity.

    Crouzet pneumatic logic components include Sequencer modules, Sequencer sub-bases, logic elements, memory elements, timers (fixed/ adjustable timing), timing accessories, regulating accessories, sub-bases for logic elements and mounting accessories.

    General characteristics of Crouzet Pneumatic logic components include:

    Operating fluid

    - Compressed air or inert gas.

    Conditions of use

    - Operating pressure 2 at 8 bars (except for special conditions).

    - Fluid: Filtered air to 50 microns - non lubricated.

    - Operating temperature from - 5 degree C to + 50 degree C (under + 5 degree C the dew point must be below 10 degree C for the application).

    - For optimum performance, the elements should be inter-connected by air supply tubing with an internal diameter ≥ at 2.5 mm.

    Mounting recommendations

    - The elements should be mounted and piped in a clean atmosphere in order to prevent any form of pollution entering the system.

    - Minimum torque for element fixing screws:

    5 cm/kg. - maximum torque for element fixing screws:

    10 cm/kg.