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    Convum is a highly reputable company that provides a broad selection of Vacuum Ejector Systems. Some of the ejectors that are offered include, but are not limited to:

    • Ecological Compact Ejectors
    • Standard Compact Ejectors
    • High Vacuum Flow Units
    • Standard Plastic Units
    • Aluminum Units
    • Units for Chemical and Gas Environments
    • Ejectors with Easy Attachments
    • Ejectors able to achieve High Vacuum Flow.

    With convenient features such as filter mounting options, sensor mounting options, self-holding solenoid valve choices, and common exhaust, we can create a product specifically for you. If you're looking to save on space and energy, our compact Vacuum Ejectors are the smart financial solution.

    Convum is, without a doubt, the leader in Vacuum Ejector Technology. Feel free to contact DAS Services, Inc. today. Let us find the Vacuum Ejector that best suits your needs!