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    Convum Miniature Cylinders SCW Series, MKY Series and TKY Series
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    Convum manufactures industry leading Miniature Cylinders with space saving designs, long life cycles, and mounting and connections options to suite any application. The main series from Convum are:

    Miniature air cylinder with push-in connector/MKY Series
      ●  Best suited for applications with limited space.
      ●  You select the cylinder diameter, stroke and thrust that suits your needs.
      ●  A mounting through hole is provided on the main housing.
      ●  A female threading is provided at the end of the rod.
      ●  The quick disconnect is mounted on the cylinder.

    Miniature air cylinder with barb connector/TKY Series
      ●  All of the same features as the above MKY Series but uses a barb connection for your tube line instead of a quick       disconnect.

    Miniature cylinder Block type /SCW series
      ●  All versions can be mounted with a no contact switch on all sizes from 4.5mm to 10mm.
      ●  The rectangular housing has made it possible to mount on any of the two faces.
      ●  Either a make thread or female thread can be selected.